MY COURSES – English for international students

About me

As a TEFL teacher, I am qualified to teach English to ESL students. I am able to adapt to a wide learning base and to cope with country-specific challenges.

As an experienced online tutor, I can deal with the online learning. I am confident with the digital medium and can help the student have the best 1-to-1 online learning experience.

As a student myself, after trying out both traditional and non-traditional methods, I create language courses for A to C levels including all the aspects a student should focus on when learning a new language. The explanations and the examples are always clear and based on everyday content and situations, because learning is more effective when it is natural.

English course

An English course for beginner to advanced levels with explanations in English, Italian, French or Spanish.

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The course is intended for a varied and heterogeneous public. The student can choose between English, Italian, French, or Spanish as a teaching language.

The course is made up of 4 parts:

part V= audio content
part G= grammar
part T= textual content
part S= how toexpress yourself

The course includes support and help via skype or whatsapp, when needed.

An overview

It is a ‘condensed’ and ‘ready-to-use’ course, made up of clear and concise parts. These are the main characteristics:

  • 100% personalised
  • Flexible
  • Independent study
  • Simple, fast, clear, concise
  • 4 independent parts you can purchase separately
  • Authentic content
  • You decide your teaching language
  • Duration of 1 part: less than 2 hours


The course is designed and develops around authentic, everyday content. The aim is to show and understand the differences of the language, so that the student can get all the nuances in an easy and pleasant way. These are some contents you can find in my course:

part V: video, podcast, tv and radio programs, songs
part G: grammar and pronunciation
part T: online articles, articles on magazines, brochures, etc.
part S: colloquial and everyday expressions

How to purchase my course

Click here and select your English course. After that, you will have to pay for the amount displayed. You will receive an e-mail, as a confirmation of the amount paid – via paypal.

Also remember that:

  • you can purchase the entire course or single modules;
  • you will receive a receipt as a proof of payment;
  • you will be able to change/cancel your purchase;
  • do you prefer to pay via bank transfer? Just get in touch so I can give you my iban;
  • although the course is intended for an independent study, you can always reach out to me via e-mail or whatsapp. And if you feel like you need even more support, you can always book extra 30′ or 1-hour lessons!